Jali Kunda -
Master of drums and kora (African harp), Keba Diabate & Co. shares his rich family heritage with students of all ages through offerings at schools, after school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, CLCs, summer camps and other community organizations. Students are given the opportunity to participate in traditional African drumming, dancing and storytelling.
K-12 Experiences
2014                                                         French Immersion
2013-14 Drum & dance                  St. Catherine's
2013     Drum & dance                     Kosciuszko Montessori                 
2013      Drum class                           Carson Academy 
2012-13 Drum & dance                    Auer Ave COA
2012-13 Drum class                          Townsend Elementary Boys &                                                                Girls Club
2011-14  Drum class                          Fifty-third Street School
2011-12  Drum & dance classes     Bethune Academy K3-8
2011-13  Drum & dance                    Grant CLC
2011-13 Drum class                            Humboldt Park CLC 1-8
2011   Drum & dance classes           Barton Elementary
2011   Drum & dance classes           North Division High School
2011   Drum & dance classes           Browning School grades 1-2
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